We are finding the Maunsell forts very popular with photographers and it seems that the more overcast and moody the weather is the better, You are lucky we live in the UK as it is often moody and atmospheric out there. Recently Scott Amling payed us a visit from Los Angeles and as he said the forts were awesome. you can read about his trip in his blog

The cost of the boat for a hour is £250 for up to 7 people.


Scattering ashes

We can slip our mooring and take up to 7 people off the coast for you to scatter the ashes.

Please get in touch and we can talk it all through.


whitstable pontoon

Boarding the boat

We are really lucky having our boat on the pontoon in Whitstable Harbour. You will don life jackets and maybe a waterproof poncho if needed take a short walk down the pontoon with an easy step onto our boat. The pontoon is wide and stable.


Customise your special day

We are a pretty flexible bunch, and we can do most things, so why not drop us an email, maybe it is a special birthday, an anniversary or you are wanting a special day with friends on a very special boat. A hour on the boat is £250 and two hours is £400.

wakeboarding whitstable

Wake boarding and water-skiing

Fancy Wake Boarding, Instead of going to the Maunsell forts or the wind farms maybe you just want to spend a hour with friends having a gentle Ski around the picturesque Whitstable bay, the cost is £250 cheap once you have roped in a few mates.

Book a seat

Why not book a £40 seat on our ribeye or maybe drop me a email and book the whole boat for a hour to two.