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phography with Whitstable boat trips

Whitstable Boat trips Photography at the Maunsell sea Forts.

Here at Whitstable boat tours we also do Specialist Boat Trips, for example, the Maunsell sea forts are very popular with photographers. In England, it is often a little grey and rainy and this equates to some great photos. In summary, the more overcast and moody the weather is, the better those photos often look. So you are lucky we live in the United Kingdom as it is often moody and atmospheric. Recently, Scott Amling from the USA and Philip Berner from Australia visited us. Both photographers said the forts were awesome. You can read about Scott’s trip in his blog

The cost of the boat for an hour is £400 for up to 12 people.

Scattering ashes with Whitstable boat tours

Whitstable boat tours Scattering ashes

Laying your loved one’s ashes in the sea is a special time, so will do our best to make this a memorable time. We can slip our mooring and take up to twelve people off the coast of Whitstable for you to scatter the ashes of your loved ones. Upon return, we can give you the exact coordinates where your beloved had their final resting place so you can come back and visit that place again in years to come.
Please get in touch, and we can talk it all through. The cost for an hour is £400 and we can take up to 12 people.

whitstable boat pontoon

Boarding the boat on a Specialist Boat Trip

We want you to be safe and this includes getting on and off the boat. We are really lucky to have our boat on the pontoon in Whitstable Harbour so you are nice and close to the boat with a low step onto the boat. You will don life jackets and maybe a waterproof poncho if needed. Take a short walk down the pontoon and with an easy step onto our boat we will be ready to depart. The pontoon is wide and stable so you will feel safe at all times.

boat trip tours 12 seat boat

Customize your Specialist Boat Trips

We are a pretty flexible bunch, and we can do most things, so why not drop us an email? Maybe it is a special birthday, anniversary, or you want a special day with friends on an exceptional boat. Maybe rent the rib for a photography trip for a special person. An hour on our boat is £400 and two hours is £650.

Book a seat

Why not book a seat for £40 on our new 12-seater rib or maybe drop me an email and book the whole boat for an hour to two? Of course, it goes without saying we will make it a very special trip. info@whitstableboattours.com