Most commonly asked questions about Whitstable boat tours.

What happens if the Boat trip is cancelled?

If we cancel due to weather conditions or technical reasons, we will send you a code so you can rebook at a time that suits you. If you prefer, we can refund the cost of the trip or deposit, whichever has been paid.

What happens if I cancel the boat trip?

You can change the date of your trip up to 1 week before the trip date; this gives us time to sell the seat again.
If you want to cancel within the week of the trip, you can sell or give your place to a friend or family member, but the money is non-refundable and we can not reschedule.
If you do not turn up on the day, we cannot make a refund.

Are children half-price?

I am sorry, children under 16’s are not half price, but we do offer a reduced price for under 16-year-olds.

Is there an age restriction on children?

We are flexible on the age of children, but they have to be a minimum of 1.2 metres tall. Sorry, babies and toddlers are not strong enough to hold on if the boat trip gets a bit bouncy. Children cannot be held on laps; there are no seat belts. So the children have to be strong enough to be able to hold on tight; if you turn up with a baby or toddler and the skipper deems they are not strong enough for the conditions, they will be turned away with no refund. In our estimation, usually, children need to be around six years old, but as we all know, there are a variety of strengths and sizes in Young Children.

What if I am pregnant or have back problems or medical issues? Should I book?

Please do not come on the boat if you have a back complaint, are pregnant, or have any other medical condition that the boat trip may aggravate. Due to sea conditions, you will be subjected to sudden direction changes and movements. The weather conditions change quickly, and we cannot be held responsible for any weather changes once at sea.

I want to go for a more extended trip or somewhere else.

No worries, drop us an email, and we can provide options. [email protected]. We offer private boat charters to rent the whole boat for £400 or maybe you want 2 hours, which is £650.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

No, please do not bring any pets.

Is there somewhere safe where I can leave my belongings when I am on the boat tour?

I am sorry, but we do not have any secure lockers for personal belongings. But we have a hut, that is manned and we can put items under the desk out of site but we are not insured for personal items if they go missing.

Will I get soaked on the boat trip?

Hopefully, you will not get wet on our boat tour, but occasionally, you will get splashed, we do our best for this not to happen. We give everyone the option to wear a DryRobe and of course, you have to wear a lifejacket for your safety. Please bring some dry clothes to change into if you are planning a day in Whitstable after your trip, as no one wants to be in wet clothes for the rest of the day.

Does the boat have safety equipment on board?

Yes, the boat is a commercial craft with the necessary safety equipment. We are insured, and the skipper is commercially qualified, so you are in safe hands.

Is there a minimum number of people on a trip?

Bookings for boat trips to the forts or to go and see the cute seals require four or more people to at least cover the fuel. If there are less than this number booked, we reserve the right to cancel the trip and give a refund of the ticket price.

Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

Sorry, there is no alcohol allowed on board. If the skipper believes you are intoxicated, you will be refused to board and will not be entitled to a refund.

What clothes should I wear on the boat trip?

It is best to wear warm layers; these are essential. You will not be able to wear shoes with heels, which will have to be left on the dockside or in the ticket hut. We provide Dry Robes and will strongly suggest you borrow one if we think you will get wet, but it is at your discretion. The skipper will give you a fair estimation of what he believes the conditions will be.

Can I drive this boat?

You will need to be commercially endorsed to be able to drive our boat, If you would like to take these courses, please check out Oystercoast Watersports in Whitstable. Oystercoast also rent out paddle boards and kayaks in the summer holidays. They are an RYA school so if you need a power boat licence or a VHF certificate, they are your guys locally.

How much does a boat trip cost?

The cost of a seat depends on if you are going to the Forts/windfarms £35-£45 if you are under 16 years old or an adult. Or if you are taking a boat trip to the seals just off Faversham, this will cost £25-£35.

Can I hire a boat in Whitstable?

I am unaware of a company that will rent or let you charter a boat you can drive in Whitstable.

Are there boat trips from London to Whitstable?

No, Whitstable boat tours have to operate just in our local area. We go out to the Maunsell defences, the wind farms off Herne Bay and travel up the swale between Whitstable, Faversham and Sheppy.

sunet whitstable boat tours
sunet whitstable boat tours