Boat tours & trips along the Whitstable Coast, visit the Maunsell sea Forts & enjoy a Seal safari.

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Whitstable Boat tours

Embark on a historic boat trip to the Maunsell sea forts. Enjoy a boat tour to a seal colony.

Take a boat trip to the Maunsell sea forts off Whitstable on a boat trip. Did you know we have been voted the best boat trip in Whitstable?

Welcome to Whitstable boat tours & trips, where we have added more dates to our calendar. While you are visiting Kent and staying near Margate, Broadstairs, Hernbay or Faversham? or near the Whitstable coast then why not visit one of the Whitstable sea forts by boat off the Kent coast? Whitstable boat tours will take your family on an enjoyable boat trip around the Maunsell Sea Forts from Whitstable harbour. Furthermore, this includes the Kentish flats wind farms, alternatively, join us for a seal safari just off Faversham. Presently, Tripadvisor has voted us number one for boat trips in Whitstable and in the top 10% of trips worldwide. Prices to Visit the Whitstable sea forts and a boat trip start from £35.

Whitstableboat tours visit the maunsell forts off whitstable

Visit the Maunsell sea forts with Whitstable boat tours.

Welcome to Whitstable boat tours ( Boat trips Ltd) where we specialise in taking groups of up to twelve people on our exciting boat trips. We go out to the Maunsell Sea Forts on the Red Sands off Whitstable which are undeniably some amazing structures. From Whitstable harbour, it’s only a fifteen-minute journey out to the sea forts, where you’ll be given a brief talk on the fortifications and their history.

These structures look like the striding machines from the classic novel war of the world. The sea forts are seven miles from the Kent coast and 7 miles from the Essex coast. If you were on a World War 2 plane, you would be only 12 minutes from Central London in short this made them an extremely important defence to London. We will spend five to ten minutes having a chat about the Guy Maunsell sea forts and getting some great photos.

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Whitstable boat tours Seal safari

Seal trip from Whitstable harbour

Whitstable boat tours Seal safari

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Whitstable boat trips visit the seals just off Faversham creek seals. Our advanced skippers navigate the tide and the waves to take a journey out along the Horse sands. These lie between the isle of Sheppey and Faversham to see a large seal colony. These fascinating creatures have become more prominent as the wind farms have become more extensive. The fish life has increased under the legs of the wind farms, clearly helping the seal colony thrive. This has created an ideal place for fish to breed in ever-increasing numbers of seals. The seat cost to see the seals is £25 a seat for under 16’s and £35 for adults.

Whitstable kentish flats Turbine

Whitstable boat tours visit the Kentish Flats wind farms

The Guy Maunsell sea forts on the red sands is a fantastic boat tour, and then it is a short boat trip from Kentish Flats wind farms. These spectacular wind turbines are only ten minutes away from the Maunsell forts, and looking back at the Maunsell sea defences is like looking through time. We will visit the cutting edge of technology on the boat trip. Looking back at the pinnacle of innovation 75 years ago, you will see the Maunsell Sea forts. We quietly cruise around these 75m giants. You will be blown away by these fantastic machines that generate power from a free power source. The Kentish flats Turbine field is part of the Maunsell Forts boat trip.

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Where we go on our Whitstable boat tours

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If you can not find the time and date that works for your family and friends why not book a private boat charter? We can go to the seals, wind farms or Maunsell forts.
To take twelve people out to the Maunsell forts or the Seals which will cost £400 takes about an hour. If you would like to see the Maunsell forts and see the seals and take a trip around Hernebay pier. It is £650, which takes about 2 hours. Our boat trips are a fantastic way of breaking up your holiday in Whitstable as most of our trips only take an hour. Other things we do.

If you would like to hire the boat to scatter your loved ones’ ashes Please email me at

If you would like to read about the terms and conditions you are very welcome. I am sorry you are not able to hire our boat without one of our captains.

seal safari
Seals off Whitstable kissing

Our Boat

You will be taken out on our 12m Rib boat which has two powerful 300 Suzuki eight-cylinder 4.2l engines. The boat will cruise out to the Maunsell forts or out to the seals. The boat trips are pretty smooth as the hull is a deep V and will slice nicely through the Thames chop. Clients who suffer from seasickness will not feel unwell on our boat as you are out in the fresh air and can easily see the horizon at all times.

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If you would like to see the dates we have already organized for lots of weekends throughout the summer, please go ahead and take a look at our booking page. If you would like to schedule your private boat trip, please email us. We are looking forward to meeting you all, and why not meet our team.

Why not book a seat for £40 on our new Boat “Amma Sigga” a 600hp 12-seat boat or drop us an email and book the whole boat for an hour to two?


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Whitstable boat tours and trips on the amazing Amma Sigga Rib