Boat tours and boat rides along the Whitstable Coast. Visit by Boat the British Maunsell forts or enjoy a Seal Safari.

Boat tours and boat rides along the Whitstable Coast. Visit by Boat the British Maunsell forts or enjoy a Seal Safari.

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Whitstable Boat tours

Boat trips to the historic Maunsell sea forts. Enjoy a Whitstable boat tour to a seal colony.

Take a Whitstable boat trips to the Maunsell sea defences from Whitstable on a boat trip. Did you know we have been voted the best boat trip in Whitstable? You can make a booking now.

Welcome to Whitstable Boat Tours, where we have added more dates to our calendar. Are you visiting Whitstable from London, planning a day trip to Whitstable or looking for boat rides near me and staying near Margate, Broadstairs, Herne Bay, and Faversham? Or the Whitstable Coast? Why not visit one of the Whitstable sea forts by boat off the Kent coast? Whitstable boat tours will take your family on an enjoyable boat trip around the Mausell Sea Forts from Whitstable harbour. Part of our boat trip[ to the old sea forts off west Whitstable is to go and see the wind farms off Herne Bay. Alternatively, join us for a seal safari just off Faversham. Trip Advisor or TripAdvisor has voted us number one for boat trips in Whitstable and the top 10% worldwide trips. If you are planning a Whitstable day trip, why not come and see us? Prices to Visit the Whitstable sea forts and a boat trip start from £35

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Where we go on our Whitstable boat tours

After a short safety brief by our professional skipper. We start our trip on board from Whitstable harbour, and after a short trip into the North Sea or the Thames estuary, we head north east, six miles out, and we visit the Guy Maunsell towers, or sea forts, army forts constructed on the red sands, from the second world war. We talk about their colourful history and how the Whitstable sea forts became pirate radio stations. Futher out in the Thames estuary are the Kentish flats wind farm, to the North there are the shimmering sands maunsell sea forts, another pirate radio station, where City radio was based. These sea forts were also constructed by Guy Maunsell. Further west on a different trip you will find the seals on Horse sands.

Our Boat trips

You will be taken out on our 12m Rib boat, which has two powerful 300 Suzuki eight-cylinder 4.2l engines. The boat will cruise to the Maunsell ( Whitstable) sea forts, Kentish flats, wind farms or seals. The boat trips are smooth as the hull is a deep V and will slice nicely through the Thames chop. Clients with children who suffer from seasickness will not feel unwell on our boat as they are out in the fresh air and can easily see the horizon at all times.

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If the weather does blow up and the skipper feels it unsafe to go to the towers. A sailing might need to be cancelled as occasionally bookings need to be cancelled. You will get a full refund.

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Dates you might be interested in

Whitstable Oyster Festival is now the Whitstable Rocks Oyster Festival from the 15th to the 17th of September, 2023,

Whitstable Harbour Day, unfortunately, is not running this year.

Boats to ride near me or hire a boat. We do not rent out our boats; to my knowledge, no one rents boats from Whitstable by the hour or day. You, of course, can come on our boat, and we would love to take you out to sea.

If you are looking for a different, exciting type of boat trip, there is the Queenbough to Southend boat trip run with Jetstream Tours

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Whitstable boat tours and trips on the amazing Amma Sigga Rib

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Whitstable what to do

In Whitstable Harbour, there are also Whitstable vintage lifeboat trips, which do a tranquil trip around the bay. Unfortunately, there is no ferry from Sheerness to Southend but there is a ferry from Queenbough to Southend. Once in Southend, you can visit the pier, as part of a Southend day trip. There are no boats that do river cruises from Whitstable up the River Thames.