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Whitstable boat tour prices are all available online. Please add the people you are buying tickets for and then select the date in the calendar. You then be able to see the times the boat is leaving and book your seats on the boat.

Whitstable boat tours prices

The boat tours we do from Whitstable that you can book online. Are either the Maunsell forts or towers or the seals trip. Often we do these on the same day so if you want to do them both. Please book the seals and then Maunsell forts straight after. There will be time for a coffee and a toilet break between trips and then you will be off again. If you do not want a break between the trips then you will need to charter the whole boat for £650 for the whole two hours. The seals just off the horse sands close to Faversham are unfortunately in the opposite direction, to the Maunsell Forts and the Kentish flats wind farms. We do do special trips to Hernebay pier but we will need a minimum of 6 people to put this on especially for you.

Prices for Trips to the Maunsell forts from £35 child, £45 for an adult * a seat ( One Hour)

Prices to travel to the seals from £25* a Seat ( One Hour) Child seat, Adult prices £35 via the Whitstable boat tours prices.

One Hour private hire of boat and skipper £400 to see the Seals or the Maunsell Forts ( including wind farm )

Take a Two-hour private trip, and hire the boat and skipper, £650 to see EVERYTHING, Seals, Maunsell Forts, Windfarms and Hernebay Pier.

If you want to do anything else, please email me, at

Children under 16 go cheaper,  Children are not allowed to come on the boat without a fee-paying adult.