Whitstable boat tours.

In these terms and conditions, the term “BTLTD” means Boat Trip Limited, its Skippers, Staff or any subcontracted person. The term “client” shall mean each individual who will be travelling on a trip with BTLTD. The term “trip” shall mean a sightseeing tour or other boat trip provided by BTLTD. The term “Skipper” shall mean the vessel Master or Captain who remains in charge of the vessel for the duration of the trip. Acceptance of these terms is implied when a completed booking is received by BTLTD.
1. If BTLTD is unable to meet any booking through circumstances beyond its control, the client(s) may be offered another booking at BTLTD’s discretion or an alternative booking offered with an alternative operator.
2. If BTLTD is unable to offer the client(s) or the client(s) are unable to accept such an alternative booking, BTLTD will refund any deposit or fee paid. BTLTD may alternatively offer a voucher to the value of your booking to allow a rebooking. BTLTDs’ liability is limited to this.
3. BTLTD will decide whether any trip will run and whether or not the trip will go ahead on the water. The decision of BTLTD is final.
4. Your place on a trip is secured when BTLTD receives a completed, signed booking form for each client and full payment for the trip.
5. In the event of your wishing to cancel your place(s) on a trip the following terms will apply:
• More than four weeks notice: Trip fee repaid less 4% administration charge
• Between four and two weeks notice: Full cost of the trip due, less 4% administration charge, unless places can be ‘resold’ in which case liability is limited to the administration charge. Whether we are able to resell your place may not become clear until the date of the trip.
• Less than two weeks’ notice: Full cost of the trip will be due.
• In the event that you need to change the date of your trip then we will do our utmost to accommodate the change at no further cost. This is dependent on the notice time given and our ability to ‘resell’ your place – as per the terms above. BTLTD may alternatively offer a voucher to the value of your booking to allow a rebooking.
• In the event that you fail to attend your trip then you are liable for the full cost of your trip.
• Late Bookings; for any late bookings taken on the day of the trip then no refund will be available.
6. BTLTD is insured, however, the client is recommended (if they consider it necessary) to take out their own insurance against cancellation, damage or loss of personal effects, death or personal injury.
7. BTLTD skippers or staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and/or their property arising out of or during the trip unless such injury loss or damage was caused by, or resulting from negligence or a deliberate act.
8. The client acknowledges that there are inherent dangers involved in watersports and understands and agrees to sign the booking form indemnity holding BTLTD and its staff free of liability in the event of an accident, death, injury or damage to person or property. The Client understands that the vibration that occurs as a boat moves across waves and wash can exacerbate existing conditions and agrees to advise BTLTD of any relevant medical conditions.
9. BTLTD will not accept unaccompanied children on a trip.
10. You consent to any photos and videos that are taken of you during the trip being used in publicity material/websites/social media. You also consent to any feedback given to the company being used in these same places.
11. Data Protection Act 1998. The above information including the questions as to your health and ability will be used by us to process your booking for the trip and for attending to your safety whilst you are on one of our trips. If you object to our use of photographic material then write to us with your requirements. Your details will never be passed on to any third party.
12. Complaints procedure: In the unlikely event that you are concerned with any aspect of your trip please raise your concerns initially with the skipper. If this does not resolve the issue then please contact BTLTD to discuss your concerns with a Director.
13. Lifejackets are provided for your safety and will be worn as instructed at all times.
14. I am physically fit and able to take part in the trip. An illness/disability will not necessarily prevent you from participating on a trip however it is essential that BTLTDl is made aware of your condition prior to accepting a booking. Contact your own GP for advice if necessary. Conditions that may be affected by the vibration and movement of the boats caused by waves or weather must be brought to the attention of your skipper.
15. The skipper’s decision is final as to whether the trip proceeds in light of the weather or other conditions that in his/her view make the continuation of the trip unwise/unsafe. In adverse weather conditions, the skipper may decide to limit the duration of the trip.
16. Smoking is not permitted on or near any BTLTD craft or on pontoons. Drinking alcohol and boating are incompatible activities. Clients agree not to consume alcohol during the trip.
17. The Company does not accept responsibility for the death of, injury to the client or loss or damage to the client’s property.